It may be a while before my next post. We finally have a buyer for our home in Chicago, so we are gearing up for moving to our new home in Tulsa, OK. We’ve been on the market for nearly a year and ended up taking an offer much lower than we would have liked, but we really didn’t have much alternative. If we waited any longer, we’d run the risk of having to release our new home in Tulsa. Trying to sell in this market, I feel like I’ve been put through a wood chipper that’s strapped to a roller coaster.

Needless to say, there are a million and one things to do. It looks like we may be moving over Thanksgiving week. Fun stuff.

I promise to come up for air once we get operational in Tulsa. I know I’ll have a lot to talk about with my new home’s Cat-6 Gigabit Ethernet wiring infrastructure and getting everything re-connected.

Wish us luck.