Do you have business cards that you use for yourself? More than likely, many of you probably don’t. Since I work from home with clients that aren’t in my area, I hardly ever run into situations where I need to present a formal business card, but after years of resistance, I do finally have some, although they’re not anything like what they should be. Traditional business cards just feel so old-fashioned to me because my business takes place online. I need an online business card that fits my needs, and retaggr provides just that.

Whether you call it a profile card or an online business card, retaggr enables you to bundle all of the parts of your online identity into one resource that can be linked to and shared with others. Not only will people be able to keep up with what you’re doing on a number of networks, but they’ll also be able to communicate with you. This is better than any business card that anyone has ever handed to me, and this may be the type of thing that becomes the standard for what’s exchanged through a digital handshake of sorts.