Gnomie Joe Spinogatti (jojospaghettio in our chat room) writes:

Hey Chris,

Here is my top five list on how to deal with bad (or mean) teachers.

  1. Do all the work that they ask you to do. Nothing ticks teachers off more than if you do not do your homework. If you just do your homework, you will save yourself a lot of trouble with that teacher.
  2. Tell the office. No, you are not being a snitch; you are simply informing them that a member of their staff is being mean. They may take action and they may even move you to a different room.
  3. Get a group of friends together and tell the teacher what you think. Remember that there is strength in numbers. If you try to go at this alone, the teacher may yell at you, thinking that you just hate them. If there are a bunch of people that politely tell the teacher what they are feeling, you have a better chance of having a more civilized conversation and, it is hoped, a resolution, with that teacher.
  4. Ask for help with things that you don’t understand. I know, I know, this probably goes against what you thought completely but just hear me out. Maybe two of the reasons why the teacher is mean to you is a) he/she really does not know you yet or b) they think that you think that you are smarter/better than them. If you make the first move toward getting to know your teacher, maybe they will do the same to you!
  5. Kill them with kindness. Maybe the reason why the teacher is mean is because you have a bad attitude in class. If you come into class with a more positive attitude you have a better chance of not having a teacher be mean to you.

Hope this helps any school-age children out there!