Sorry for the strange title, but it just hit me like that. At any rate, KnujOn is interesting as it allows frustrated people such as myself the option of taking action rather than whining about it in Lockergnome posts. So big shout out to Tinman.

It seems that not only can I submit my buckets of spam to KnujOn, they will even go so far as to keep me in the loop as they work to take action! Obviously all of this effort takes money, which for what you get, seems like a bargain to me.

Membership has its privileges.

Speaking for myself, I will be sending over $27 so I can watch KnujOn work. That and it will likely be better support than merely using the limited ad-supported page as well. That being said, I could also simply send over a big ‘ol zipped folder full of junk mail and let them have at it. Either way, I win and the spammers lose.

Anyone out there have any experience with KnujOn? Sure sounds like a winner to me. But despite what I am reading, I would like to hear from you as to your experience with it. Hit the comments, share your thoughts.