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KBR Inc. has been awarded a $75 million contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for emergency power to the Western region of the United States in case of natural or man made disasters.

These guys must have contributed heavily to someone’s campaign… I wonder if it was a no bid contract.  Quick – somebody find out where Cheney was while this was happening.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge in the field of energy generation but if they have the capacity to supply power to the Western US, why aren’t they supplying power currently?  Do they have this much infrastructure sitting around just in case?

The 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont., failed its nuclear surety inspection after inspectors found problems with the wing’s weapons storage area and its personnel reliability program, which monitors who can work with nuclear weapons, an Air Force official said. Air Force Space Command inspectors allowed the wing to keep its certification to handle nuclear weapons…

  • things haven’t been the same since that ufo hovered over the base and knocked the nukes offline all those years ago.
  • what is the Air Force Space Command and why are they inspecting nukes?

Iraqi soldier kills two US troops 12 Nov 2008 An Iraqi soldier has shot dead at least two US soldiers and wounded six others in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. The Iraqi trooper turned his gun on patrol members, the US military said, before being shot dead himself.

At least 21 people have been killed and more than 85 injured in a series of bombs throughout Baghdad, police said.

‘Shocked at the brutality of western governments’ I support Iraq insurgents but I loved England, says Iraqi doctor accused of terrorist car bombings.

Gunmen shot dead an American aid worker and his local driver in Pakistan’s volatile north west today.

I figure these are good enough excuses as any to blow the whistle, pack up our gear, and order all resources home to stay, ok? Then the denizens of these hell holes can get back to the serious business of blowing each other to smithereens, like they’ve been doing for far longer than the US has been in existence.

I realize my suggestions are not going to be popular with certain groups (Halliburton, Bush, Cheney, Brezinski, KBR, Boeing, et al) but I have a responsibility to speak my mind – or at very least say the first thing that pops into it.

The Kremlin on Wednesday rejected U.S. proposals aimed at easing concerns over a missile defense system in Europe and said it would try again to resolve the row once Barack Obama is in the White House.

in case you’ve ever wondered about the definition of Fatal Optimism

A teacher’s aide in a vocational school in the North Hills faces disciplinary action after he allegedly made offensive remarks about President-elect Barack Obama. The student – a 16-year-old girl – told her parents that an aide at the AW Beattie Career Center on Babcock Blvd. in Allison Park yelled, among other things, that Obama was going to be shot, our flag would be changed to the KFC flag, and the National Anthem would be changed to “Moving On Up.”

Yes but what were the alleged offensive remarks?

A Tucson Police Department lieutenant is on paid leave while he is under investigation by the department and the FBI… The officer has been under investigation for several months, but police officials won’t say why he’s being investigated, a police spokesman said.

We just thought you should know…

The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the U.S. Navy’s need to conduct realistic training with active sonar outweighs the concerns of environmentalists that the sonar could damage marine life.

One wonders if the ruling would be the same if the sonar damaged the tectonic plates that cause earthquakes and volcanos to erupt…

I can just see one of those fat old bastards saying “It’s just a dang old fish.  Tell `em this is a National Security Matter. If them fishies give you any lip, call the Air Force Space Command.  That’ll show them.”