Newegg is out of stock for this TV as of November

16, 2008.

The folks over at Newegg are offering a off name bran HDTV sized at 42″ for only $499. Here is what is being said about the HDTV on Neweggs site:

Corion Digital Lifestyles 42″ 720p LCD HDTV – FA2B42323

One reviewer stated:

Low price, good quality, NewEgg service rocks as always. This is a great TV for a second TV or for those venturing into high deff and dont want to drop a thousand dollars on a TV.
Great inputs: Hdmi, Composite, component, S-Video. Coax SPDIF sound out, Phono L R sound out. Pseudo surround sound sounds good. Coax handles both NTSC and ATSC on the same connector.

This TV is fantastic. Arrived without any dead pixels, which was a plus. I only use this for high-def gaming, but I can say that it’s a fantastic picture. Will upscale all the way up to 1080p (not mentioned in the specifications, but it works just fine) even though it’s native 720p.

Another reviewer stated that:

I’ve seen TVs which are 300-400 dollars more than this model that have a worse looking picture. I picked this up for 599$ and I’m not disappointed.

Cons: None I’ve found so far – everything works as advertised.

I would read all the reviews which comprise both of good and bad results. Though the price is the lowest I have seen, the brand is unknown. With any unknown brand name it makes me wonder how well the TV will perform down the road. Also you get what you pay for. 🙂

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