MSN has an article today, detailing the Discovery Channel’s redux of the proof of the shot from the book depository being the one that ended John F. Kennedy’s life.

Detailed is the very careful and deliberate work that was put into making the decision, yet again. The use of technology that has been previously unavailable is supposed to bring a close to all the theories about what happened.

Yet for those who saw the Zapruder film, and have, over the years, seen and heard all of the theories about what happened, I wonder if it will bring peace. I know that the article doesn’t do it for me, as the I feel that the point of the article is too tightly focused on the kill shot.

As much about this history as I have read, I have yet to read the Vincent Bugliosi book. In it, he claims to have eliminated all but Oswald as playing in this piece of dark theater. Perhaps. But every other thing I have read leaves doubt about the number of people involved, the motivation of Oswald, the amazing number of coincidences cited, and the grassy knoll.

I, for one, do not care about which bullet killed the President. I care about the number of bullets, and whether they all originated from that 6th floor window.

The number of conflicting stories, the lost statements, and the pristine ‘magic’ bullet – will always leave me wondering. Until these things are acceptably explained, I will always doubt.