In 1 minute it will be Saturday where I live. I was planning on getting up early tomorrow and getting some chores done. For a moment the small child in me thought “Tomorrow is Saturday. I get to watch cartoons!”. Then I realized that Saturday morning cartoons don’t really exist anymore. There are some cable stations the run cartoons, and ABC seems to have a pretty good selection of kids programming, but man has it changed. I slowly have realized that my kids will not have the pleasure of choosing between watching The Smurfs or Peanuts on Saturday morning.

No, my kids will wake up on a Saturday and choose which video they want me to put in the player. Then we will watch that same video over and over again until I am forced to buy the next favorite DVD for my kids. My kids will also never have the pleasure of waiting to see new episodes of their favorite Saturday morning shows. I always loved catching new episodes of The Real Ghostbusters, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Smurfs, and Garfield and Friends. Writers bringing new shows every week. Even the commercials were great as they filled me with ideas of which Transformer or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to force my parents to buy next. All this while eating my choice of cereal. If it wasn’t Corn Flakes, it was some form of video game cereal. I remember eating Donkey Kong cereal while watching Pac-Man the cartoon. Oh happy days!

Times really have changed. It’s too bad we can’t all turn back time and relive those Saturday mornings, or even experience them as an adult with my kids. I guess new memories will be made with what is available now, but there’s no way it can be better without Saturday morning cartoons.