Microsoft has opened a store online here in the U.S. The store will provide software which may be oredered or downloaded from the Microsoft site. In addition hardware and other third party software will also be offered. Consumers can also order the popular Xbox 360 and also games for the console.

Microsoft also has what is called ESD [Electronic Software Distribution]. for those wishing to download the software without waiting for shipping and delivery.

According to a press release the site will also provide the following:

Advantages of buying ESD

First, buying ESD gives you the advantage of perpetual storage of your product keys. For all ESD purchases on Microsoft Store, there is no longer any need to keep a software box, CD jewel case or obscure email around for future reference. Your product key is stored in your Microsoft Store Account alongside your purchase history so you can use it to re-install your software at any time. Convenience anyone?

Second, buying ESD is also better for the environment. I’m not going to get all granola on you and try to quote you an exact environmental impact, but think of the savings of gasoline in shipping products, driving back and forth in your car to a retail store, or even the plastic manufactured and used for the CD jewel cases. With everyone getting worried about their “carbon footprint”, every little bit counts, so why not buy ESD if you can?

I can many advantages to downloading software and also savings from not filling our landfills with more  junk. Take a look at the new site and see what you think.

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Microsoft store online.