14 November 2008 POD – Jefferson Airplane

Montery Pop Festival
Montery Pop Festival

Today’s pick is "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane. I found them over at Podsafe Music Network.

Today is World Diabetes Day.

  • The Diabetes Powershow did most of today’s audio segment and was kind enough to email it to me and allow me to use it. Below are relevant links:
  • The petition for a Google Diabetes Doodle. The goal is 20,000. At the time of this draft, they had passed 12,000 but the goal was to reach 20K by 1 November so please go and sign it.
  • The Sponsors are Tudiabetes and Diabetes Daily

Folks, the petition they are asking you to sign will only take a few seconds of your time and will have the potential to do great things for diabetes awareness. While you are listeng to today’s show why don’t you take the time to use "open in new window or tab" and sign it.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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