It appears that both Valleywag, the rumor rag for Silicon Valley and The Consumerist, news about protecting consumers from being taken for a ride, may both be closing. It seems that both online sites will be incorporated into But in a confusing bit of news, readers will still be able to access the sites via the original URL’s.

I say confusing because right now it seems this is the game plan, but who knows what eventually will happen. It is safe to say that both sites will be missed.

On The Consumerist site it states that:

Economic times being what they are, Gawker must refocus its efforts on its most commercially successful blogs. Which means, yes, The Consumerist is for sale. We seek a new home where our kickass blogging team can continue to thrive and grow. We get 14m+ pageviews according to Sitemeter, and 2m+ uniques according to Quantcast. Direct inquiries to [email protected]

So if you are in the market to buy a blog site, here is your chance. 🙂

Comments welcome.

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