For the love of Windows people. Windows 7 is Vista. Microsoft is not going to make major changes. They have already stated that Windows 7 will be Vista, only better. So enough with the pure 100% garbage that Windows 7 is going to be some super child of an operating system. It is not going to happen.

Will Windows 7 be better than Vista? It has to be. Microsoft’s future is riding on making Windows 7 the best it can be. I believe they are sick and tired of the Apple vs Vista commercials and need to make a change. But the change or changes will be modest to say the least.

Windows 7 is going to be fast right out of the box for several reasons. First Microsoft will tweak the process portion of the system to boot quicker. Second they are going to eliminate some stuff that will have to be downloaded by the user if they want the stuff. This will make the OS lighter and faster.

Some of what will be needed to be downloaded is:

Windows Live Messenger beta: This instant messaging application has phone- and video-calling capabilities too.

Windows Live Mail beta: In this e-mail program, you can merge multiple e-mail accounts. It also includes a calendar that syncs with a Windows Live Web-based calendar.

Windows Live Photo Gallery beta: Similar to Google’s Picasa, this photo organizing and basic photo editing program has hooks to Microsoft’s Windows Live Photo Gallery as well as to third-party photo-sharing sites such as Flickr.

Windows Live Movie Maker beta : This video editing software also automates the creation of movies from your own photos, videos, and music. The application can burn video to CD/DVD, or convert it for viewing on a cell phone or for posting online at Microsoft’s Soapbox video-sharing site.

Windows Live Writer beta: An application for composing and publishing blog entries to Windows Live Spaces, it also works with other blogging platforms, including Blogger and WordPress.

Windows Live Family Safety: Through this parental control software, parents can limit the type of content that their children can access online and monitor their surfing activity.

Windows Live Toolbar: This updated Internet Explorer toolbar enables fast access to Windows Live Web services.

This makes sense since I know there are features such as parental control that I personally would not use. This approach makes sense in order to have a leaner meaner operating system experience from the start.

What do you think? Is Microsoft on the right track?

Comments welcome.