AVG is trying to make amends for slipping up and passing on faulty code that flagged a Windows file as a Trojan. In their attempt to try and smooth things over, AVG will offer paid users one free year of service or one year extension on their current paid software. The folks at AVG are going to contact their paid users and make the offer.

In a statement from AVG they state:

    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Nov. 13 /CNW/ - As a follow-up to the rapid
distribution of recovery instructions and repair CDs, AVG Technologies is
offering all affected users a free license or license extension as follows:

      -  For affected users of commercial AVG 7.5 products, a one-year
         license for the equivalent AVG 8.0 product

      -  For affected users of commercial AVG 8.0 products, a free license
         extension for one year

      -  For affected users of AVG Free products, a free one-year license for
         AVG Anti-Virus 8.0

    Beginning the week of November 24th, 2008, AVG Technologies will contact
affected customers and advise them on how they may obtain their complimentary
license or license extension.
    AVG Technologies apologizes again for the inconvenience caused to our
customers and wishes to assure our users worldwide that the company is
actively putting new processes in place to avoid similar occurrences in the

Paid user should expect to be contacted by AVG with the above offer.

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