There are no undefeated teams now in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers suffered their first defeat against the Detroit Pistons last night: 106 – 95. The Pistons led after every quarter and exposed some Laker deficits.

Quick guards have been a problem for the Lakers and Allen Iverson gave the Laker defenders a miserable night. Allen Iverson had 25 points and the Lakers defense sent him to the free throw line twelve time. Both Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar had trouble containing Allen Iverson. This is a problem that the Lakers have tried to address with a stronger interior presence but they had difficulties there too.

Rasheed Wallace and Kwame Brown outplayed Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Rasheed Wallace and Kwame Brown accounted for 35 points. Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum responded with 23 points but they were not dominant. It was a night where Lamar Odom had one rebound for the whole night. There will be questions raised – again – about how tough the Lakers interior defense is.

On a night when the Lakers has trouble with the three point shot ( 4 for 19 ), the Pistons were shooting a healthy 43.8% ( 7 for 16 ). The Pistons three point shooters, like Rasheed Wallace, had time to launch uncontested shots mainly because Allen Iverson was not contained.

link: Pistons and Lakers box score

Perhaps this game was an aberration for the Lakers. However, this was a home game for the Lakers and the Pistons were playing the second game of a back-to-back sequence. The advantage should have been with the Lakers. This loss may be what the Lakers need to maintain their intensity, after such a successful start of their season. It will not be lost upon the Lakers that their former center, Kwame Brown, had double figures in scoring and rebounds. For Kwame Brown, it may serve as some form of redemption. Hopefully, the Pistons did not let Kwame Brown celebrate with cake.

Catherine Forsythe