October sales are showing that Nintendo’s popular Wii console is still kicking sales butt. Up against Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3, the Wii still out sells both of these units combined. As I have previously mentioned, the Wii is just a better game experience and offers interactive play for the entire family. Oh yeah….. it is just flat out fun.

Sales figures as presented by the Silicon Valley Insider show the Wii in the lead:

Look at the sales figures for consoles in October:

  • Wii: 803,000 consoles
  • Xbox 360: 370,000
  • PS3: 190,000
  • PS2: 136,000 (People are still buying PS2s?)
  • Sony PSP: 193,000

Nintendo’s dominance (and Sony’s problems) don’t end there. Among handheld videogame players, Nintendo again beats Sony:

  • Nintendo DS: 491,000
  • Sony PSP: 193,000

So if you are looking for a gaming console this holiday season, may I recommend the Wii. You and your family will not be disappointed.

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