It’s going to be pretty tight I suspect, looking at the differences between the iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm. Some might be quick to point out how they in many ways, serve two different audiences. However I have watched as many enterprise users have flocked by the thousands to Apple’s latest mobile creation.

Will the new offerings from BlackBerry actually stand up to the iPhone? Not the model that I own personally perhaps, however the latest BlackBerry Storm does have a real shot at winning back the traveling masses that have left the Blackberry camp.

Not to say that the casual user who enjoys content from iTunes or the iPhone App store is going to bat an eyelash in this direction. Still, for people like me who are really not all that interested in leaving the Blackberry world for Apple-land, this latest effort from RIM is impressive to say the least.

What say you? If presented with the option, assuming a comparable price point, would you choose the Storm or the iPhone for work? Hit the comments, tell me what you would do.