Oh the tangled web we weave……….. you know the rest. Secret court documents may reveal that Intel pressured Microsoft to lower the requirments of a Vista Capable machine to include Intel’s 915 chip set. So what is the problem? Microsoft may have known that Intel’s 915 chip wasn’t compatible with Vista. How would one know this? Microsoft didn’t include the Intel 915 in its original Vista Capable specifications.

According to this blog post the suit involves the following:

The Vista Capable stickers were used during the 2006 holiday shopping season to assure consumers that the machines they were buying could be upgraded to Windows Vista when it debuted in late January 2007. Plaintiffs in the case allege that Microsoft’s decision to lower the requirements for the sticker resulted in PCs being wrongly labeled as Windows Vista Capable even though they didn’t support Vista’s most heavily touted features.

Additional information has come foward to suggest a conversation between Microsoft big wig Steve Ballmer and Paul Otellini of Intel, in which allegations are being made they may have conspired to sell the Intel 915 chips knowing they sucked for Vista. Intel ended up selling millions of the chips and consumers were stuck with systems that could not be upgraded.

So what do you think? Would two honorable companies such as Microsoft and Intel conspire to screw the public? 🙂

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