As the ‘Vista Capable’ lawsuit progresses, we are learning about how Vista started off on the wrong foot. When Microsoft made the decision to drop its previous requirements for a Vista Capable PC to include Intel’s 915 chip set, this started a snowball affect that included outrage by HP. Not only was HP disgruntled with the decision, but also Jim Allchin informed Steve Ballmer it was a bad decision as well. Steve Ballmer states he was not aware of the situation and claims ignorance of the events.

Apparently HP spent $7 million dollars to conform to the reuirements of Vista, prior to the changes. In an article about the lawsuit, emails are quoted which state:

One of those executives, Jim Allchin, who was in overall charge of Vista’s development and delivery, was almost as outraged. Allchin told his boss, CEO Steve Ballmer, that he was “beyond being upset” by the move. Ballmer denied being party to the decision.

The e-mails were unsealed by U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman in the class-action lawsuit that accuses Microsoft of deceiving customers in 2006 by certifying PCs as able to run Vista when it allegedly knew the machines were able only to handle the stripped-down Vista Basic, a version that lacked the new, heavily-promoted Aero interface, and other touted features. Vista was released early in 2007.

In early 2006, Microsoft relaxed the Vista Capable rules by allowing computers equipped with Intel’s older 915 graphics chip set to qualify for the program. Will Poole, then responsible for the client version of Windows, tossed out the requirement that a PC’s graphics use the Windows Device Driver Model (WDDM), Vista’s revamped driver architecture that debuted in Vista.

This may explain why Jim Allchin retired the day Vista was released. This man may have had a conscience which it appears others did not have. One would think that a wrist slap in the lawsuit may not be enough. It would be more of a benefit to consumers that Microsoft and Intel pay for the ‘Vista Capable’ computers be replaced. That may send a much needed messages to these folks.

I know. This is not going to happen. 🙁

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