One of my fellow MIS gurus takes care of a number of external units.  One particular den of intellect just moved from one building to another.  They called my coworker, asking him to come out and and check the new place out.

He said no problem, he’d check his schedule.  They got a bit nervous, hoping he’d come out right now because the ‘phone guy’ was there.  The Phone Guy was a bit flummoxed, as there was no wiring anywhere in the building.

These folks moved an entire office without inquiring as to whether there was any wiring in the building at all.   Of course there is no wiring in the building at all.  Now these fine folks are a bit put off that their computers and phones are not working.

Apparently Magic Wiring<tm> is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Meanwhile back in the Main Office, a new person started.

We know that a new person started because the department head announced the new person’s hiring to the company.

Nobody, however, announced the new person was hired to MIS, Benefits, or even Payroll, no doubt.   This is called a Need to Know Situation.  We don’t have a Need to Know.

How they expect a computer will materialize is completely beyond me.  That department is probably acquainted with a branch of physics with which I have no knowledge.  How they expect the new person to access the network is also a mystery.

I like to refer to these as Surprise Hirings.  Two or more weeks ago, they interviewed and hired this person.  It’s just that the rest of the company had no Need to Know about this until this person arrived and needed a phone.  Or heaven forbid, a computer.  Maybe even a paycheck.   And rest assured, it will be important that these be provided at the soonest possible moment.

Somewhere deep in the alleged mind of certain departmental managers is a synapse that just never fires.  I’m going to guess that it is among many synapses that do not operate exactly to specification.    New Employee = Notify Certain Departments.   After a few years, one would think this would click.

Not in the Twilight Zone<tm>.