As we approach Black Friday and the holiday buying season, many of you will be looking to purchase a new HDTV. Many of you will be unsure which brand, model, resolution [720p vs 1080p] or size to purchase for your viewing needs. Add to this the possibility that some stores may not be displaying the same picture on every set that they have on display. So where do you start.

The first thing I would do is to ask family, friends, fellow employees or anyone who has recently purchased a HDTV and ask how they like the brand they bought. Next, go to a local retailer that has a well stocked base of different brands and makes and take a look for yourself. Finally, decide on how much money do you want to spend.

When you go into a retail store that has HDTV’s on display, try and take a peek behind the set or on the side to see what kind of connection they are using. If it is a coaxial connection, this may not show the full potential of the TV. Whereas a connection using a HDMI cable connected to a Blu-ray player will look the best, the picture you receive at home may not look as good when connected to a standard DVD player.

720p vs 1080p difference you can see, or can you? Most people will argue it comes down to size. The theory goes if you are opting to buy a set over 50″ in size, a 1080p TV may provide you with a better picture. On the flip side, if you are purchasing a set under 50″, a 720p set may be just fine. Also be aware that currently only Blu-ray supports 1080p, though in a few years it is being said that Dish and Direct will be providing 1080p broadcasts,

I have a general rule that I personally think is simple to follow. There are three distinct technologies currently available for HDTV that also adds to the confusion. They are DLP, LCD and Plasma. As with any technologies, each of these have their plus and minuses. My rule. Buy the technology that you like the best. 🙂 I am personally partial to plasma sets for one simple reason. Plasma provide the best viewing angles no matter where you are seated. LCD and DLP tend to fade when viewed from an angle. But that is just my opinion.

Finally which brands would you look at? Again this is just my two cents. DLP, get a Samsung. LCD buy a Sharpe and for plasma it’s a Panasonic you should look at.

What do you think? What do you recommend when asked?

Comments welcome.