Despite not wishing an audit on anyone, I have been saying that Mozilla’s non-profit status is complete nonsense for a couple of years now. What, do I mean or Exactly, the division between the non-profit and for profit bodies appears to not be as strong as we once thought.

As of 2007, Mozilla (the non-profit) declared a lot more in assets that I might deem logical for a foundation of its type. But the same might be said of the Linux Foundation with one minor difference – it is not directly receiving earnings (or royalties…cough…cough) from a search engine company.

Maybe I am just cranky today, but for the life of me I believe that Mozilla should have never split the identities up. Stay for profit, pay taxes on those “royalties” and contribute like the rest of us. Please do not misunderstand me. I like what Mozilla has done as much as the next guy. Despite that, the fact is I am tired of watch these “non-profit” entities that are really little more than thinly veiled for-profit ventures, expecting to get away with not being treated like the typical C corporation while the rest of us are raked over the coals. Am I wrong here?