From the Abyss is a hack ‘n slash RPG in the spirit of true video gaming for the Nintendo DS! In this parallel universe players will be able to explore the vast world of Rubenhaut through a unique world creation engine exclusively created for the game. In From the abyss, the player will fight huge monsters with swords, spells and special abilities! A fast paced & action packed game for gamers!

The game also features an intuitive control scheme, lavish artwork, and an engaging two-player co-op battle system.

Key Features:

  • Explore your own unique Abyss!Every time you start a new journey the game will randomly generate a custom world for a unique experience each time!
  • Customize your character!Distribute skill points that will define your character’s powers and destiny. Will you go the way of the sword or be a powerful spell caster?
  • Capture your enemy’s soul!Steal the enemy’s techniques and use them to turn the tide in battle!
  • Co-op Mode!?Wirelessly connect with a friend and fight together to defeat the Demon Lord of the Abyss!