Do you have a copy of PC Magazine? Keep it. Wrap it carefully. Store it is a secure location. It will become valuable. You may want to go to the news stand and buy more. It is guaranteed to become valuable because the print edition will disappear:

“Ziff Davis Media announced Wednesday that it was ending print publication of its 27-year-old flagship PC Magazine and would take the title online-only.

It is the latest of several magazine publishers to drop a print edition, as advertising plummets and the cost of printing a paper version rises.”

link: PC Magazine says it’s going online-only

It is a matter of survival for PC Magazine. Advertisers will go where there are the most views – and that is the internet. Perhaps, in the future, when you show people your saved editions of PC Magazine, you will have to remind them that there was a time when magazines and newspapers were how people communicated – in the old days.

Catherine Forsythe