Google has added a gadget for Gmail users that allows the user to access Google Docs. The process is fairly simple.  Just log into your Gmail account and go to Settings and click on Labs. Scroll down towards the bottom and Enable the Google Docs gadget. Make sure you select Save Changes when done. On its blog site, Google states:

Are you a Gmail addict? Ever wanted quicker access to your online documents without having to leave your precious inbox? Well, we’ve recently launched a Google Docs gadget to give you direct access to your documents straight from Gmail.

By default the gadget shows a list of your most recently accessed documents, but you can change this to documents you own, you have opened or you have starred. And let’s not forget search – you can find any document by typing a few letters into the search box.

This gadget isn’t just about accessing your documents. You drag any document from the gadget into an email you are composing and the unique link to your document automatically shows up in your email – a quick and easy way to share your documents with others. Similarly, you can also create a document while composing an email with the “New” menu in the gadget.

While you are in the Settings field, take a look at the other gadgets also offered by Google. You may find something else of interest.

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