Back on Nov 6th, I reported that I had decided on the difficult to track down for purchase, Draytek 2820n router. I highlighted the fact that I had not tested out the 802.11n abilities, however the wireless G appeared to be more than enough for my needs. At the end of the day, I needed near Cisco-like stability with something a little less expensive, which this router was a bit pricey despite this wish. Either way, here is how it has preformed thus far. I LOVE this router. As long as you are used to something a bit more advanced than what you buy at Best Buy with regard to the UI, this is the most stable, bulletproof unit I have ever owned.

With half of my house plugged into it, a live video stream running 24/7 (had to do something with that FiOS connection) and allowing me to daisy chain it to my FiOS router/modem because I was dumb enough to go Coax over CAT5/6, this little white box has not missed one single beat. No slow downs, not over-heating and yes…no more restarts due to freezing!!

So again, if you are sick if those alleged “prosumer” routers that supposedly provide a stable network environment, consider the Draytek, it has been the best decision I have ever made with a router purchase for my home office and the rest of the house. This little box is just plain crazy tough. Stable to a fault.