For those of us living in the States, the day after (American) Thanksgiving is known as the biggest shopping day of the year — also known as “Black Friday.” Apparently, Mike Elgan of Datamation believes that this year Netbooks will be all the rage. While Mike and I have seen things differently in the past on OS related issue, I happen to think he nails this one with his assessment of how ASUS changed the way we perceived ultra-portables.

Mike also points out the importance of understanding that those expecting XP may end up with Vista or a Linux distribution of some sort. Not that there is anything wrong with either of the above, just so that you realize that should you run software that is not going to work with WINE or is incompatible with Vista for some reason, you will not be caught off guard due to a lack of research ahead of time.

Do I plan on picking up a Netbook this holiday season? Honestly, I am watching my pennies pretty closely as many of us are right now. I have cut back on my holiday spending as, clearly, I have enough computers in my life. A Netbook of some sort would be cool, but I just cannot justify it right now. How about you? Will you be hitting the Black Friday sales this year? This goes out to my Canadian neighbors as well, as I know that with a stronger Canadian dollar than in years past, some deals here in the States can be pretty sweet — duty and all. Hit the comments, would love to hear from those who plan on exploring the deals this year from both countries.