McDonald’s has been sued for many things. Some of the lawsuits have been unique, such as when a customer sued for dangerously hot coffee. However, this may be the first time that the fast food chain has been sued for nude photos:

“A US couple is suing McDonald’s for $3m (£2m) after nude photos of the woman, which were on her husband’s mobile phone, ended up on the internet.

Phillip Sherman says he accidentally left his phone, with the photos, at a McDonald’s in Fayetteville, Arkansas.”

link: McDonald’s sued over nude photos

It seems that the owner of the cell phone is blaming McDonald’s. Is there privacy for lost property? There is international press attention because of the nature of the photos. However, the more salient question is whether there is legal protection for lost property or whether the owner of the cell phone is responsible for safeguarding that cell phone and its content.

Catherine Forsythe