Google may not be immune. There are rumour floating that there are proposed job cuts at Google. And some of those jobs may be gone already:

“Google may be preparing to lay off thousands of workers, if a Silicon Valley information service is to be believed. WebGuild cites anonymous inside sources as saying up to 10,000 Google jobs could be on the way out, with smaller scale layoffs already underway.”

link: Google Layoffs: 10,000 Jobs Being Cut, Report Claims

Wall Street analysts are searching for any change in Google’s corporate behaviour, as sign of trouble. The indicators, however, may be found on your Main Streets. In this community, more small local businesses are shuttering their doors. Some large chain stores are having holiday sales now – in November. If this is the indication of the retail corporate climate, then the advertising revenue will be dropping. And that will impact upon Google and the other large internet entities that survive through advertising dollars.

Catherine Forsythe