With the current economic climate, it would seem an easy guess that consumers may spend less this year than they did last year. But according to the Consumer Internet Barometer by The Conference Board, they indicate that online shopping may actually increase. I don’t find this hard to accept since Internet shopping is convenient, saves gas, avoids crowds and you can find low priced bargains comparable to the brick and mortar stores.

According to the article it states:

“Despite slowing retail sales in many channels this holiday season, online shopping is likely to be one of the few bright spots this holiday season,” reports Mary Brett Whitfield, Director of the Retail Forward Intelligence Systemâ„¢ of TNS Retail Forward. Online sales across retail channels are forecast to grow 9 percent this holiday season, compared with a total retail sales forecast of just 1.5 percent growth this year in the key holiday shopping retail sectors. TNS Retail Forward forecasts online sales to reach $42.5 billion in the fourth quarter, up $3.5 billion from last year. “The convenience of shopping online still resonates with many holiday shoppers, even in a slow economy,” adds Whitfield.

I have actually completed my holiday shopping early this year. Everything I have purchased including a new HDTV, a laptop computer, toys for the grand kids have all been purchased online. I have found over the years that online shopping is convenient amd having everything delivered right to my door is a time saver as well.

But what about you? Are you planning to shop online this year? Let us know.