Some airlines are changing fare restrictions. It isn’t in the spirit of holiday generosity. It is because the airlines are having trouble filling the seats – and empty seats means loss revenue – again:

“…In a scramble to fill seats, the nation’s airlines are dropping strict advance purchase rules that usually restrict last-minute travelers from accessing the lowest fares.

One example of the rapidly-falling airfares is seen on Northwest Airlines’ direct service from Metro Airport to Boston. This summer, a roundtrip ticket for a weekend trip cost $499 at its cheapest.

Earlier this week, tickets were selling for just $201, including all fees.”

link: Last-minute airfares dip for holidays

The airlines are feeling the impact of the economy. However, travelers also know that air travel now includes many additional costs, like for changes for checked luggage. Most airlines have attempted to squeeze every possible dollar from their customers. Part of the task for many of the airlines will be a public relations initiative. There are consequences for wring every possible cent from the travel customer.

Catherine Forsythe