There are a number of tools and technologies available for deploying Windows Vista. Administrations can use these tools and technologies to deploy Windows Vista is a variety of different environments.

Some of the deployment tools and technologies for Windows Vista are summarized below.

  • Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) lets you create answer files (Unattend.xml) and network shares or modify the files contained in a configuration set. You use Windows SIM on the technician computer, and then transfer your Unattend.xml file to the master computer before creating your installation image.
  • An Answer file is a text file that scripts the answers for a series of graphical user interface (GUI) dialog boxes. The answer file for Windows Setup is usually called the Unattend.xml. You can create and modify this answer file by using Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) or the CPI APIs.
  • A catalog (.clg) is a binary file that contains the state of the settings and packages in a Windows image.
  • Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) is a minimal 32-bit operating system with limited services, built on the Windows Vista kernel. Windows PE is used only in the preinstallation and deployment of Windows.
  • ImageX is a command-line tool that administrators can use to capture, modify, and apply installation images for deployment.
  • System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) is used for image creation and prepares an image for deployment to multiple computers.