This recipe is magic.  It contains four ingredients that people tend to like separately.  When combined, it turns the eaters into ravenous monsters.  Even the most reserved healthy eater will go bonkers when confronted with this dip.  I’m telling you – the stuff is like crack.

Using any pan, create this in equal layers, except for the shredded cheese.  Start at 1/2 and 3/4″ per layer:

  • layer cream cheese
  • layer refried beans (or chili)
  • layer salsa
  • shredded Mexican flavor cheeses

Put in the oven at 350 degrees for forty five minutes.  Let cool for at least ten minutes.

We use Tostito’s Scoop tortilla chips to shovel this delight to our lips.  It is the hit of every event to which we bring it.  Many people have variants of this and it always succeeds.   I don’t really like cheese and I gobble this stuff up (pardon the pun).  We bring this to Turkey Night, as well as many parties.

Eat and enjoy.

Mees and leftystrat