1 December 2008 POD – 100 Year Picnic

100 Year Picnic - Tales of a Modern Splash
100 Year Picnic - Tales of a Modern Splash

Today, I opted to concede on the microphone. I think most of you would rather hear from the artist. I have been a fan of 100 Year Picnic for some time now. They have much material available for download their site.

Today’s Pick, "Come On", was introduced by Jeff of 100 Year Picnic. Jeff and I have actually sent a good number of e-mails back and forth over the years. He was nice enough to take some time on his Thanksgiving Weekend to do an intro for me. I agree with what he says about the first snow… at least the first one anyways.

I also agree about this song fitting this season. Jeff also mentions Thanksgiving. Over at their website they list and thank podcasters for playing them.

They have even done intros and promos for myself and other podcasters. (They did the intro for the old radiostatic podcast. Thanks You Guys.)

I think it goes both ways. I am sure, as I am today, that podcasters are just as thankful for Wheelie Pop, Jeff, Edwin and 100 Year Picnic. Nonetheless, I could not think of a better way to start Christmas Month off than by playing his intro and music. Thanks for taking the helm today Jeff. And to all, lets try and keep the thoughts mentioned here and in in this song.

Thanks for reading and listening.


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