Almost everything that we do online requires us to have some sort of username and password, and all of these accounts quickly begin to add up after some time. Before too long, you get to a point where you can’t even remember which account name you used for each service. In turn, it’s always frustrating when you go to create a new account only to find that the username that you like to use has already been taken. When this happens, you’re forced to make something up that you’ll probably end up forgetting. lets you know if your username has already been registered on a dizzying array of online services.

The site couldn’t be any easier to use. Just type in the username that you’re curious about and will go through each service on the list one after the other and let you know if that username is available. If it is, you can click on the provided link to create an account on that service, but if it’s taken, you can click on the link to actually see the account.