One of the regular emails that I receive almost daily is a request to publicize that a certain pet shelter is in need of help. The emails come from all across the country. It seems that, as the economy grows worse and people are losing their jobs, more and more pets are turned into shelters. The owners simply cannot afford to keep them. In some cases, the families are going through turmoil and losing their homes. The shelters are seen as a temporary measure until things are less chaotic.

Nevertheless, animal shelters are stressed to the limit. The jump in the number of animals under their care have strained resources. There are some people, like Mimi Ausland, who are trying to help. The request from the pet shelters is two fold:

  • if you have room for one more, there are wonderful pets that can be adopted. They are victims of the economy.
  • if you are able, please make a donation – in funds or in pet food – to your local animal shelter. It is needed.

If neither of these options from the pet shelters is a viable alternative at present, there is one way that you can help. Please copy the URL of this article that you are reading. Send it to everyone in your contact list – and ask them to do the same – and on and on and on. Keeping these shelters operational and keeping these pets alive depend upon as many people as possible knowing about the situation. People will help if they know. – Thank You.

Catherine Forsythe