The sale of netbook computers continue to dominate the sales of bestsellers according to the Amazon bestseller site. Netbooks have a dominance over all other computers, whether laptop or desktop. These pint sized wonders have taken the world by storm because of their small size and weight, which is about 1/2 half of a standard laptop.

According to PC World they stated the following:

As of this writing, none of the major Internet traffic watchers had released sales figures for Cyber Monday. But Integra Telecom, a communications carrier from Portland, Oregon, said in a statement that it saw a spike in Internet usage on Cyber Monday that matched that from the same time last year. The company operates in 11 Western states, including California, Colorado, Minnesota and Washington.

The Monday after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is known as Cyber Monday because many Americans shop online during work hours that day, the first day back to work after the holiday.

Some of the companies who rode the sales wave were from Asus, Acer and Samsung. Also OLPC also had a rise in sales now that the mini laptop is being offered for sale by Amazon.

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