Kirby Super Star Ultra is a remake of the SNES game Kirby Super Star and that great game is now a portable that you can take anywhere. I remember always playing Kirby Super Star when I was a kid; I loved that game because it had a bunch of mini games that would always make me come back to play more. When I heard about the DS remake I knew I had to pick up the game since I loved┬áthe original and would want to play it again – especially when they said they would add more to the game.

Everything from the classic game is there and also some extra things; Kirby has his updated look and they also added new cut scenes for all the classic games (but you can still see the original scenes if you beat one of the games in the game). They also added some new games to this updated game – some that are challenging even for someone like me who has played the original game and they also added some new mini games that use the DS touch screen to play. You can even play multiplayer games with your friends that don’t have the game; your friend can look at your DS and control his character from his DS.

If you have played the original game before, it’s a great title to pick up. Now that it’s on the DS you can play it anywhere, like I do when I’m away from home. It’s also a great game for anyone, young or old, who wants a great portable game to play.