Okay, while the concept of Truphone for the iPod touch is hardly going to replace my own mobile device for placing phone calls, the idea is not half bad. Apparently not all of the pieces of this puzzle are out yet, as Truphone is waiting to release the needed microphone before this becomes usable. That said, it does seem to have some obvious limitations.

First, while the user is able to skip out on mobile call charges or a need for a mobile phone at all, the thought of people congregating around a router is just stupid, especially if they are waiting for an incoming call. Secondly, it is not really all that free. Think of Skype’s business model, but with an iPod touch – essentially this is what Truphone is pulling off here.

Despite myself not really seeing any value here for me personally, I think there is certainly some cool novelty going on here for sure. So let me ask each of you – is this something that you find worthwhile? Does the idea of speaking into an iPod sound like a good way to cut down on some of those mobile phone bills? Hit the comments, would love to hear your take.