What some of us have suspected for a long time may be coming closer to reality. In an article about Net Applications and their report made about Microsoft’s slide to under 90% market share for their OS, another observation was also made. It seems that Net Applications can determine with accuracy, the operating system of those who surf the Internet. That is all except one. It seems that the folks from Google who surf, are using a OS that is not known to the outside world.

According to the article it states:

“We have never seen an OS stripped off the user agent string before,” Vizzaccaro told InternetNews.com. “I believe you have to arrange to have that happen, it’s not something we’ve seen before with a proxy server. All I can tell you is there’s a good percentage of the people at Google showing up [at Web pages] with their OS hidden.”

A proxy server shouldn’t cause such a block because it would block everything, which Net Applications sees all the time. With the one-third obfuscated Google visitors, it was only the OS that was removed. Their browser, for example, was not hidden. And two-thirds of Google systems surfing the Web identified their OS, mostly Linux.

Does this mean that Google has a secret OS that it is trying to hide?

“I think they could be working on an application infrastructure, because an operating system really connotes the stuff that makes the hardware and software talk to each other, and they are not in that business,” said Clay Ryder, president of The Sageza Group.

“But as an infrastructure for building network apps, I would think Google would be working on something like that,” he continued. “They’ve been rolling out more and more freebie apps and I would think they would eventually want to make some money the old fashioned way. It would make a lot of sense that they would want to have a network app infrastructure that they could roll out most anywhere.”

What do you think? Is Google going to surprise the world and introduce their own operating system to compete head on with Microsoft?

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