Starting on Monday. December 8, 2008, the super giant retailer Wal-Mart will be offering tens of thousands of the popular Nintendo Wii’s for sale. The retailer states that the Wii’s will be priced at $249.24 with an accessory bundle starting at $329 that includes the Wii with additional toys. The Wii is still kicking butt compared to the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS3. The article also states that:

The Wii has emerged as one of the most sought-after gifts this holiday season, which has otherwise been lamented for a lack of new and hot products. also said that it will offer, beginning on Monday, certain Wii video games at a price of two for $30, and certain accessories, like the Nintendo Wii Racing Wheel, starting under $10.

It is good to know that the Wii will be available. What is unknown is if the Wal-Mart web site will be able to handle the orders. This also seems like a great way to help shoppers by having them get the units online instead of coming into the store.

What do you think?