Today, for what I believe to now be the fifth time since moving here, I have received yet another priority mail package soliciting me to buy their FiOS service offered in my area. Now from a marketing perspective, it is clever to use USPS Priority mail to deliver this to me as clearly, I would be an idiot to simply discard this envelope without so much as opening it. After all, it must be important to arrive in this fashion, right? Perhaps, but there is one little problem that remains – I have been an existing FiOS customer for months now.

Yes, clearly Verizon has never heard of effective CRM software. CRM (customer relationship management) software can do mysterious things, like cross reference a person’s name/address to verify that the target recipient of a multi-million dollar mailing is not going to existing customers!

Apparently, this technology used by people on shoe string budgets is light years beyond comprehension here for Verizon? Look, I love the service – FiOS @ 20 down/ 20 up is AWESOME. Obviously there are no issues on the technology end of things. Despite this something is clearly broken somewhere in the marketing dept. Why not use something so simple to avoid a mistake that is so costly? Cannot speak for everyone, but the issue just escapes me personally. CRM software – it is a lot more than a glorified address book these days! Might I suggest that Verizon look into this solution ASAP?