My family owns a small bookstore in the town where they live. It has free wireless for customers to use. Yet during these slow times, it still leaves all of us feeling like we might need to consider doing more to get the attention of those who are willing to use the free service, without thinking to contribute to it by purchasing coffee or books from the store. Now by no means is this an ultimate solution, but it is pretty clever. Changing the hotspot’s SSID to promote the “special of the day” is both effective and clever.

My personal favorite SSIDs in the list linked above include the following:

  • “ByAnotherCoffeeYouCheapSkate”
  • MmmmYummyMuffin
  • HaveYouTriedTheCarrotCake?

Again, I find this to be really clever. And this brings me to today’s question. Have you seen any hotspots in your locale trying this sort of technique? Despite the obvious conclusion most will have that some people will smile, then promptly ignoring the statements, the fact is that it does have a certain level of teeth to it. Am I wrong here?