I’m sure there are lots of ways to pull that off, but the way I did it last night was playing NCAA Football 2009 on the Wii.  I used to play the Madden and NCAA games on the PS2, which I’m sure is pretty close to what it is like today on the PS3 or the XBox.  With the Wii however, you are forced to wave your arms around like a complete fool whenever you try and block passes, make a field goal kick, or try and break a tackle.  At first I was really annoyed by all the arm movements that you had to do, but after a while I noticed that I was standing up playing and starting to break a sweat.  This has two positive effects, the first of which is that I am no longer being a complete couch potato while playing, and the second is that you get tired after a while and those days of the all-night football gaming session is pretty much over as there is no way to sustain that level of activity for a full day and still be any good at swatting down passes or throwing the deep ball.  The parts of the game that make you look the most ridiculous are in the running and the kicking game.  When you kick the ball, you have to swing the remote up like you are making a kicking motion, maybe I do it wrong but I keep nailing myself in the face with the cable that connects the Wii controller with the nun-chuck attachment.  Perhaps the goofiest thing, and my wife’s personal favorite, is when you are trying to break a tackle, you have to wave the controllers around in order to break a tackle, which is a lot more complicated then when you just have to push a button on the other consoles.  The end result is a fun game that feels like a completely different game than every other version of football you have ever played on any console.