This morning I was getting a haircut and during the discussion with the barber we talked about the economy. He mentioned that the news folks may be painting a gloom and doom forcast and hopefully things will not get as bad as predicted. So when I read an article over at SF Gate in which the title ‘Looks Like Good Times Gone Until 2010,’ I wondered what others thought.

The article stated:

All music to Moritz’s ears. “This is the kind of business segment that should flourish in strained times like these, as large companies look to cut costs,” he said. “This kind of outsourcing will only accelerate, as large companies look to cut costs. It’s the way of the world, the result of the profusion of technology.”

Will outscoring continue as times get lean and take away more American jobs?

Are we really headed for worse economic times than 2008? Or are the news folks trying to scare us?

Comments welcome.