For those of us who attended any institution of higher education, we are keenly aware of the high cost of textbooks. Even when we bought used books, it still put a dent in our pocket books. Well over at they have a different appraoch which can save you up to 60% off on the cost. They are offering a rental system as an option to purchasing.

On their site they state:

With Chegg there are no monthly subscription fees or hidden charges. Each textbook has a specific rental fee, which is dependent on the ISBN. Shipping and handling are dependent on the shipment method chosen. The average rental price on Chegg is 60% lower than the list price!

Biology (7th Edition) is listed at $158.67. Rent it on Chegg for $71.40 – 56% savings!

Calculus (5th Edition) is listed at $180.95. Rent it on Chegg for $62.09 – 66% savings!

I haven’t personally used so I am looking for comments as to how well the system works or doesn’t work. 

Comments welcome.