The once darling of the Internet search crowd is in the process of trying to reinvent itself with a new open strategy plan. Most of Yahoo’s pruducts such as mail, toolbar and media will receive a facelift as well as other added features. Yahoo appears to be trying to pull itself up by its boot straps now that they have a new CEO and now that Microsoft doesn’t seem interested in buying the search company. According to an article over at TechCrunch, it states that:

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has 275 million montly global users worldwide according to ComScore. It pulls together email, instant messaging, and SMS. The new, smarter inbox will help users prioritize the email messages that matter the most to them. It will also help users perform tasks without pulling them out of Yahoo Mail (such as viewing photos and invitations from non-Yahoo services). The two key buzzwords Yahoo is using are “social” and “open” to describe their overall strategy with Mail.

Six applications for Yahoo Mail are launching today. Four are from third-party developers (Flixster, Xoopit, Flickr, and WordPress) and two are from Yahoo (Yahoo Greetings and Family Journal). We’re going to get a demo of three of these applications.

During the coming weeks we should learn more about what Yahoo will be offering. This hopefully will get the company back on track. Time will tell.

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