I saw these Flip cameras as a top 10 item on Amazon.com. Then one day I saw them for sale on Woot.com. I started researching them and figured it would make a great gift for my girlfriend. I bought one for her and wow do we have a great time with it. It’s so lightweight, you can easily carry it anywhere and focus it on anything.

We like to put the camera on ourselves and just talk and be funny. Watching the clips we made over again had us laughing for hours (works better when drunk). If you’re a blogger this thing is a must because you can easily maneuver the thing around yourself and talk to the camera then turn it on whatever else you’re talking about. Web cameras often have you tethered to the computer and don’t offer much mobility. Quickly attach the built in USB plug to your computer and quickly get the videos onto your computer. Upload them to YouTube or email them off to family. It also comes with a cable that you can attach to your television.

The software included helps you edit your videos or build clips. This is cool for some people, but that feature didn’t really pull me in, but overall this thing is so easy to use and so easy to quickly take video of something and put it on your computer. Take a look at the company’s Web site at http://www.theflip.com/.