Well, it’s the end of the year (2008, as best I can figure) and time for all of the online info purveyors to put up their horrid lists of the best, worst, biggest, free, and most controversial.  As if that weren’t enough, there’s the resolutions…


  1. I hereby resolve not to make any resolutions
  2. I will try to be nice  (oops, blew that one already)
  3. I am giving up tomatoes  (sssshhhhh… don’t tell anybody I don’t like tomatoes)
  4. I will stop picking on rabid religionoids  (no, forget it, that’ll never work)
  5. I will emphasize the positive….   (oh c’mon – I can’t even finish typing it…)
  6. I will spend time watching Viagra commercials so I can more effectively annoy others
  7. I will time my resolutions according to the Hebrew calendar  (what’s 2012 in Hebrew?)
  8. I will learn to measure everything in terms of football fields  (ok, but I’m not watching any)
  9. I will strive to be more annoying to my critics (line forms on the left, guys)
  10. I will honestly try to stop the commentary when my wife watches the local `news’

So, eh, Mister leftystrat… what are your biggest accomplishments of 2008?

  1. staying alive
  2. allowing my cat to stay alive
  3. allowing Billy Mays to stay alive
  4. avoiding the unbearable temptation to purchase Sham-WOWs
  5. only two unfounded complaints at work
  6. keeping peanut butter M&M consumption under a bag per day
  7. not resorting to cannibalism for yet another year!
  8. not having to go for more than a few months without sex  [he says, ducking and running]
  9. not spending all my money on garbage  (I spent it on health insurance and copays instead)
  10. kicking some serious ass with this blog!

Lifehacker asks `What’s on your productivity list for 2009′?



A secretary.  Now that would be productive. And productive is always better than reproductive.

In the don’t look a gift wallet in the mouth department, here’s a list of forty nine banks that refund all ATM fees.  Isn’t it amazing that the banks pushed ATMs as faster and cheaper, yet they’re neither?

FCC lightning rod Kevin Martin has all of the sudden realized that he shouldn’t have put porn filtering in his internet plan and suggests dropping it.  Gee, it only took him how long to realize this?

From The Register – my favorite legitimate IT sarcasm site:

Bucktoothed Boche bole-botherer bustout brouhaha

A German beaver being held prisoner behind an electric fence on Dartmoor has escaped, according to reports. The furry trunk-muncher is now carving a swathe of destruction through Cornwall, mowing down mighty trees like corn to satisfy its animal lusts.…

I don’t have to understand it.. I just like reading it…

If you’re going to have a squat behind a car to relieve yourself, you had better hope that the Google Earth cameras aren’t documenting the street at that moment…

It seems that the French are starting to have iPhones available everywhereI figure that’s ok; the French deserve the iPhone.

Speaking of the French, the fellow who threw the shoes at President Bush had his trial postponed, pending an appeal against the charges.  Do you suppose he’s going to claim he’s innocent, like Blagojevich?

A judge in Tennessee has imposed a strange child custody order against a woman and her same-sex partner.  In spite of evidence to the contrary, the judge ruled that the woman’s partner of nine years could not stay the night when the child was there.  Shhhhhh… I think she suspects something……

One in five white people carries a gene fault which could raise their risk of high blood pressure, research suggests.  It’s because I’m white – isn’t it?

According to Reuters, consumer confidence and home prices have continued to hit grim records.  Gee, you don’t think there’s a reason for this, do you?  Probably another conspiracy theory.

Mark Felt (“Deep Throat”) has left this plane of existence.  Todays discussion topic is which Deep Throat will survive history, if not both.


Linux Journal has a review of audio apps from November.  Extremely interesting stuff if you’re into linux audio.