The current FCC chairman has been trying to get free broadband moving before the end of his term. But there are powers in Congress that have blocked his endeavor. So will we the public ever get free broadband some day down the road?

I believe that we may just eventually have a good chance of getting it approved. With a dominate Democratic Congress coming into power, they should be able to circumvent the Replicans who oppose the free broadband plan. I also believe that the new President elect may also approve of a free broadband system.

According to the article over at Ars Technica, it states that:

Martin wanted the FCC to vote on this issue at an Open Commission meeting scheduled for December 18 but then bowed to Congressional calls for its cancellation. The FCC is scheduled to meet via audio conference on Tuesday, but there are no agenda items attached to the event. That will be Republican Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate’s last meeting.

“Tate was one of the Commissioners who I thought was most likely to be supportive of the filtering concept,” said Martin. “She’s been very involved in children’s issues and I think that she had spoken favorably in the past of this idea of the filter for children.”

The filter concept is history now. As for the revised proposal, the agency is scheduling another Open Commission meeting for January 15. That may very well be Kevin Martin’s final formal FCC appearance, and we have no word yet on what dockets will come up during the meeting.

“Typically in January all the Commission does is do reports on the status of the industry,” Martin said. “That’s what we’ve done for the last few years, saying ‘Here’s what the Commission has been trying to achieve. Here’s where we are’.”

But the Commissioners could give the go-ahead to the re-smuttified free broadband plan at any time—assuming Martin gets at least two more votes for his new proposal, and gets them quick.

What do you think? Is free broadband in our future?

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