Over at Ars Technica they have an article which alludes to the fact that Windows 7 Beta 1 has been leaked. The article also states it was is going to cover Microsoft’s reaction, but doesn’t mention anything about any reaction from anyone. I have a reaction to the alleged leak.

First of all with every new Windows release there is always a leak. By the time it is reported the leaked copy is usually already removed. After which someone will post a report on the hijacked release, which is usually a hoax. So as Microsoft starts to embark on a beta release of Windows 7, expect to see reports from many bloggers, some of which may or may not be filled with false information.

Don’t get me wrong. Most reports will be accurate and will let us Windows users know the truth. But you must remember that when Microsoft releases a beta they also have a NDA [Non Disclosure Agreement] as well. This means testors are not supposed to report what they find without Microsoft’s permission.

I personally believe that Windows 7 will most likely be what Vista should of been. But that just is my 2 cents. Only time will tell what changes will be made.

Comments welcome.